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Your family has its own story.

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In the Wild

Your choice of location.

Somewhere with meaning.


At Home

Your home.

Your safe space.





Think about location & styling.

Tell me about you and your crew.

Book your session.

When you confirm your booking, I'll send you some information to help with styling and location. If you don't have a location in mind, don't stress! I'm happy to pick out a place that's perfect for you.

Accept your quote, sign your contract, pay your deposit and you're all booked in, baby!

Send me a message!

If you know approximate dates or have a location in mind, I'd love to hear. I'll get back to you within 48 hours with my availability and a few pricing options.

now booking 2022

A rough guide to my availability for family sessions this year. As you can see, I move a lot between Perth and the South West!

Please note, the best times for outdoor family sessions are around sunrise or sunset.

South West

afternoon sessions only

morning & afternoon sessions only

July 18 - october


I tailor my packages to each unique family and try to make them accessible to everyone. Packages start at $280. For more information check out my family price guide

How much are your family sessions?

Keep the outfits casual, simple, and try to avoid logo or branded clothing. These photos are about your family story, so make sure you feel comfortable with what clothing you bring. Sometimes it helps to start with the outfit of one family member, then match the rest of the outfits to that!

How do we figure out what to wear???

I lean towards a documentary style of photography, as I feel the most beautiful images are taken when your family is less aware of the camera. Because kids are kids, they may not always look in the direction of the camera.  This is totally fine. I'll get their attention when it's needed.  That's my job!  All you have to do is relax and enjoy the company of your wonderful family.

We have a toddler and they are a little monster. How to I make sure they pose for the camera?

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