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Our story is written in our relationships.

Now, more than ever, is a time to celebrate the emotions that bind us to each other.

Honour them, cherish them, capture them.

I'm here to tell your unique story.

No two stories are the same

Trust me in telling yours.

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In their wild.

Hanging out.

Loving each other.

Doing their thing.


Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Kate!

I’m an adventurer and a story-teller, a free-spirit and a romantic.

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do, but these days I dedicate my free time to taking trips up and down the West Australian coast, rock-climbing and beach-combing from Broome to Esperance. There’s a lot to learn from the people in this huge country of ours, and many beautiful walks to be had in many beautiful places.

Aside from photography, I have a tendency to be overly enthusiastic about a lot of things. Included are science facts, baked goods, walks through nature and waking up early.

….and I’m mildly obsessed with dogs, so if you have fur babies please be prepared to share many pictures with me!

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